Uchinanchu Taikai 2016

6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival~!

Oct. 26th – Oct. 30th in Okinawa    

For more info, click   http://wuf2016.com/en/ 



Come see Senjukai Hawaii – Frances Nakachi Sensei and Ainoa Miyashiro at National Theater in Okinawa on

October 29, 2016 at 14:00.



godaishu godaishuprogram

It crossed the sea along with the Uchinanchu who traveled to the world, Okinawa traditional arts that have been handed down in many parts of the world. At present, it becomes a bridge between home and Okinawa Prefecture, the world and you have a valid Okinawa.

In this performance, performer’s Okinawa performing arts who are active all over the world, performing arts organizations et al bring together, Okinawan music has been nurtured in each country, to show off the dance, also a number of rare technique that remains in a foreign land we introduce.

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