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Class Description

Senjukai Hawaii Classes Adult  photo of women in Kimonos for dance class

Advanced Okinawan dance movements and techniques are introduced. Students will continue to learn both classical and modern Okinawan dance movements. This class is focused on mastering the basic skills and building upon the technique learned in the basics.

For all the classes, the students will continue to learn variety of Okinawan music and dance, terminology, Okinawan and Japanese language and etiquette. Stretching, body strengthening and physical coordination will be exercised.

This class is similar to the beginner’s class. However, the students will develop a larger and variety of intricate dance steps, and apply existing knowledge of the basics to more complex combinations. Proper technique on dance movements, posture and grace are stressed throughout the class.

Class Info

Wednesday nights
7:00PM - 8:30PM HST
Cost: $50/monthly
Online Registration coming soon.

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